Been awhile since I posted

So, I will apologize for not posting. This blogging concept is strange to me and I don’t know truly my own purpose. I had managed to get removed from my daughter’s recreation league games. She was being bullied by another player and the mother confronted my daughter saying she deserved to be punched as she is a better player then the other girls out there. As you can imagine this did not end well. Bullying should never be excused. I told the woman her daughter was a bully and the behavior was inappropriate. She then tried to hit me. What still boggles me a month after the incident is that this parent deemed her child’s bullying behavior as appropriate. That it was excused because my child is a better player of the game. WHAT???? My daughter has been playing basketball for 6 years. She works hard at practices, studies game tape of college games, and truly works hard on the court. To blame my child for taking this sport seriously and believing in herself to have a future in it totally ticked me off. What ticked me off even more is the acting director of the league said it was also acceptable behavior as they are only children and they didn’t hurt anyone. My kid bleeding from the mouth isn’t an injury? Pushing her onto the hardwood basketball court didn’t hurt? Punching her in the stomach is allowed?  I got in trouble for telling the woman off…that was deemed unsportsmanlike by the director. Sticking up for my child was the wrong thing to do. My daughter is in middle school, played for the middle school team a well as this recreation league and didn’t get bullied during those games. Bullying has no age requirement. What happened to my daughter was bullying and I am tired of keeping my mouth shut about it.

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