Brief Introduction

Welcome to Momma on her Head. Here I am restarting this blogging adventure

I am the mother of four wonderful children including a set of fraternal twins. I am the stepmother of 3 great kids. I am married to my best friend. We have two rescue pit bulls which may be our biggest babies. I currently work in education. I love yoga and running as my physical challenges. I love to read and will share my picks for books and authors for you to check out.

I want this to be a place for moms to visit and take time for themselves  I hope to connect you to other mom bloggers and places to get the advice and support we all need as we journey through this world raising our kids. Know that we are all doing our best and want the best for our kids!

This is a loving and caring environment for everyone!!


Author: Lookin' Fintastic and Pampered

Wife, Mom of 4 & Stepmom of 3, Entrepreneur Independent Consultant Perfectly Posh Lookin' Fintastic and Pampered Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You-Tube, Runner, Yoga enthusiast, Dreamer, Reader, Writer, Animal lover, Advocate

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